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  • Box for the Family


    A great box for the family with a balanced mix of the most popular seasonal fruit and vegetable items. This weeks pack contains  7 red apple, 4 orange, 8 bananas, 3 pears, 500g grapes, 3 kiwi fruit, 6 mandarins, 2 lebanese cucumbers, 4 brown onions, 250g mushrooms, 6 carrots, 1 green oak lettuce, 500g tomatoes, 1 head broccoli, 1kg sweet potato, 1/2 cauliflower and 1 dozen eggs

    $49.00 $49.00
  • Box for the Fruit Lovers Box for the Fruit Lovers


    For fruit lovers but with a few staples vegetables items. This week's pack includes 6 red apple, 4 orange, 6 bananas, 4 mandarins, 3 pears, 3 green apples, 500g grapes, 3 kiwi fruit, 1/2 pineapple, 2 lebanese cucumbers, 5 carrots, 1 green oak lettuce and 500g tomatoes.


    $35.00 $49.00
  • Box for the Smaller Family

    Smaller Family Pack contains 6 vegetables items and 7 fruits items. These are seasonal items that showcase produce currently in season. This weeks pack contains 5 red apples, 3 oranges, 4 kiwi fruit, 500g grapes, 4 mandarins, 3 pears, 5 bananas, 3 tomato, 1 lebanese cucumber, 1 fancy lettuce, head of broccoli, 5 carrots and a wedge of pumpkin


    $35.00 $35.00
  • Box for the veggie lovers

    For those who love vegetables this pack majors in vegetables but also comes with few fruits. This weeks pack includes 6 carrots, 6 onion, 2kg brushed potatoes, red capsicum, 1kg sweet potato, wedge of pumpkin, 6 mandarins, 1 head broccoli, 3 zucchini, 2 lebanese cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, 250g mushrooms, 6 bananas, 6 red apples, 4 oranges, 4 kiwi fruit and a green oak lettuce.


    $49.00 $49.00
  • Fruit Basket - Standard
    A variety of seasonal fruits wrapped and displayed in a cane basket
    $50.00 $50.00
  • Fruit Basket Gourmet
    The same fresh produce as the Fruit Basket - standard with the addition of some local gourmet products
    $80.00 $80.00
  • Fruit Basket Gourmet Delux
    The same fresh produce as the Fruit Basket - standard with the addition of some local gourmet products  and a Bottle of Wine
    $100.00 $100.00

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