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Our Paradise

A Tamworth Family Business

Paradise Fresh Produce is a family business.  We have been operating for 12 years growing leafy vegetables and herbs,supplying Cafe's, Restaurants, Clubs and Pubs with a comprehensive range of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.  In May of 2009, we began offering a home delivered Fruit and Vegetables service either as a Pre Packed Box of Fruit and Vegetables or you can Create Your Own Fruit and Vegetables Order which we will assemble and deliver to you, at your most convenient time.


Ordering your box of fruit and veg (and other goodies) is simple.  You can order online, simply by clicking on the order tab above and simply choose what you would like.  You can pay cash on delivery or you can pay by credit card using a secure payment system.

FRESHNESS is our Mantra. We are the LOCAL FRESHER FOOD SUPPLIERS!   With our own range of Leafy Vegetables from Our Farm just south of Tamworth, allowing us to deliver some of the most perishable products the SAME DAY they are picked!

Being growers ourselves we are passionate about supporting other local growers, buying directly from them to guarantee total freshness at the best possible price. What we can't source direct from growers we purchase through agents in the Regional Produce Market so we can offer a comprehensive range of the best quality Fruit & Vegetables.

We are Delivering Freshness to Your Door!

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