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Bellata Gold Pasta

Bellata Gold PastaDoug Cush is a farmer from the golden 'durum' triangle.  Doug's Bellata Gold began when a container of grain spilt on a wharf in Sydney on its way to Italy.  Curious to see why his grain was so popular with the Italian pasta makers, Doug had it milled and made into pasta and entered Fine Food Exhibition in Sydney.  The pasta won numerous prizes.  With the new spurt of confidence, Doug decided to investigate and took a trip to Italy where he discovered that the region where he was from is well known due to the quality of the durum wheat.  Bellata Gold is 100% high quality durum wheat from the paddock to pasta with real pasta 'al dente' characteristics. It is milled and produced in Tamworth by the Cush family - you can't get better than that! Visit their website at www.bellatagold.com.au

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