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Our Philosophy

Small Business and Local economy is the backbone of our livelihood! 

Where are all the local green grocers?

We began to witness the demise of the local green grocers, being squeezed out by the giant super markets with strength in size and numbers. Small greengrocer just cannot compete in this setting. This spells the beginning of the end of local green grocer. No longer are you able to go to talk to your green grocers about what's good and fresh in the market place. This is now being replaced by the shelves stacker's who care little about fresh produce.

Where are the local producers?

Because of the demise of the greengrocer, local producers have no mean of selling their produce. The supermarket will not buy from them because they can get better deal from a central market. It is not feasible for local producer then to sent produce away and try to compete in the market place. This limitation stop local producer right in their track. Either they grow to become a massive produce and try to get a supply contract with supermarket or nothing at all. So, many decided to become nothing at all.

Reignite Our enterprising Spirit

The spread of the internet has open up a whole new battle ground for small businesses, a battle ground where small businesses could have as much impact as larger businesses, where enterprising spirit can be fostered and nursed and local economy can survive and thrive. The internet allows business to leverage low business overhead to be able to compete in today's fast paced environment. Paradise Fresh Franchise is a collection of like minded business people who support each other in building strong local economy.

It does not cost as much as you may think to be part of a team that can change the way business operates.  Click to see the requirements.
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