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Business Model

How many businesses in town do you know that can be called 'Unique'?

Paradise Fresh Franchise is a business unique in town.

A Paradise Fresh Business is a business unique in town.  How many local businesses in town do you know that is operating an online fruit and vegetables delivery service? See what we mean by unique. (I'm sure in your town there are more cafe and food businesses than you can count on both hands) Customers get to enjoy the convenient of ordering online at any time and they get quality, fresh produce with long storage life.  Such quality and convenience is what keeps them coming back and we have the business model that delivers.

Let's bypass the shelves.

Traditional produce business uses display shelves to entice customers to buy. The dilemma is as soon as produce goes on the shelf they start to deteriorate in quality. If customer don't come along to buy it soon they will end up as wastage. We decide to eliminate the shelves altogether from our business model and cut both the cost to fit out display shelves and future wastage. The great benefit here is customers are always guarantee fresher produce.

We take your shop front into customer's living room.

Now that we have done away with the shelves, customers need not come into our premise to 'see' the produce. This allow us to take your 'shop front' right to the customers. Using the internet, customers can see what the store has on offer at any time, day or night. They can take as much time as they want to browse without costing the business anything! Once they submit the order, it is put together in an insulated foam boxes and deliver it to them at the time they want (usually the next day).

Yes, But who would buy fruit and veg over the internet without seeing the quality first?
When we say we buy our stock fresh we mean Fresh.  And because we keep it all fresh, customers can rely on us to deliver the Freshest produce to them every single time.  So the question is not so much is they would buy but rather if they would like the convenience of not having to queue up at supermarket, not having to manage the children while shopping and to make better use of their time.  And because our produce are not allowed to sit and wilt on display shelves, they actually taste better.  So customers continue to come back for the quality, the freshness and the convenience of home delivered fruit and veg.

Would the internet really work as a business platform?

This video on the growth of the internet is Astounding!

We are now seeing more and more business pop up on the internet to offer products and services where there were none previously.  This trend will continue as there are more and more software programs aimed to work over the internet.  And it makes good business sense too due to lower business overheads, if you know how. As customers also become smarter, more and more will opt for the convenient the internet as to offer.  So far the internet has worked well for books, CDs, DVDs and other non-perishable items.  We are now seeing the growth of online grocery shopping in Australia.  In 2007/08, 160,000 people shopped online for grocery.  By 2009/10, 350,000 people had made the switch. And the trend continues.  We aim to position everyone of our franchise owners to take full advantage of this growth.

Low Overhead Retail Business? Really?

Yes! Since we moved our shop front into cyber space, we don't really need main street front exposure. You won't find us on the main drag of town.  Our franchises are in a low rent situation conducting retail business!  And because there is no shop front, there is no need for retail fit out, no fit out means no staff required to pack shelves, no check out staff, no extensive heating and cooling, no wasted electricity.  Imagine how much you save just there.  Now because there is no shelves, wastage is also minimised.  We are conducting a low overhead business while still taking a premium, full retail margin.  It makes good business sense to us!

Now let's take a look at the underlying tool for our franchise - the website
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