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Become a Franchisee

How would you like to own a business that is open 24/7 whilst you only work 5 days a week? (and be in charge of the latest Internet Technology!)

Welcome to Paradise Fresh Franchise - The Franchise of The Future.

Watch this intro from Paradise Fresh founder Brendon North

Paradise Fresh Franchise offers a streamlined business model that utilises the internet to its full advantage.  Using tools such as secure payment gateway and social media, our Franchise takes business to where customers are. Our low over heads business model makes our Franchise highly resilient in any economic conditions. With the internet continue to grow in world wide penetrations, now is the time to make use of this tool and we will support you in doing so.

Your Partner in Business.

We have no choice in using the term 'franchise' but we really see ourselves as your business partner.  Because we have experience in the industry, we offer you first hand advise as you gain your business acumen.  As your business partner, we are always accessible.  By becoming our business partner, you will have access to:

  • Your own Paradise Fresh web store complete with secure payment gateway.
  • Your own Facebook Page to keep in contact with your customers.
  • The Paradise Fresh Business Training Program
  • Direct access to your Business mentor with unlimited business consultation
  • Group Marketing campaign
  • Strong Branding
  • Training and Ongoing Support in running your website
  • Ongoing IT advise and support
  • Customised advertising as required

Our goal is to support you in conducting your business. As your business partner, we are successful only when you are successful.  And you are successful only when we have happy Customers.

Freshness that is not available through traditional shopping means.

Paradise Fresh is a new way for customers to buy fresh produce using the internet and having it delivered to their door.  The franchise model enables us to provide the Freshest quality produce to the customers - a Freshness that is not found in the supermarket.  How are we able to do this?  Simple. Here's how:

  • Buy the best quality produce and source as much local produce as we can for freshness.
  • Do away with packing shelves and have produce properly stored.
  • Customer's order is packed into insulated foam boxes ready for delivery
  • Deliver orders in a refrigerated vehicle.

Customers Love it!  And here is the Business Model that makes it happens.
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